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Consular Legalization at Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington, DC

Kazakh Service Center provides apostille and authentication services at US Department of State and consular legalization at foreign embassies/consulates including Kazakhstan in Washington, DCUsually, Embassy of Kazakhstan in Washington, DC and Consulate General of Kazakhstan in New York City do not perform consular legalization of public documents in the USA as both Kazakhstan and the USA are parties to the Hague Apostille Convention. For general information on apostilles, please see this link.  They only provide notarial services to Kazakhstan nationals permanently residing in the USA; however, personal appearance is necessary.

Consular legalization for document use in Kazakhstan can still be performed on the documents from neither the USA nor Kazakhstan provided that prior authentication at U.S. Department of State (USDOS) has been done. The authentication at USDOS will only be performed after certification/authentication at the foreign embassy/consulate of the country that issued the document. The above link as well as this link on USDOS services explains the procedure.

How to Use Our Consular Legalization and Additional Services in Washington, DC

Kazakh Service Center can assist you with all your aforementioned consular legalization needs. Our fee structure is in the below Table:

Consular Legalization Fees
Service Fee Timing
Certification/authentication at a foreign embassy/consulate 120 US$ on top of consular fee charged by the foreign embassy/consulate * Depends on the foreign embassy/consulate
USDOS Authentication 100 US$ (for 1-15 documents) and 100 US$ (for 16-31 documents) 2-4 business days
Consular legalization at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Washington, DC 120 US$ on top of consular fee(s) charged by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the USA 5-7 business days

* - regardless of the number of documents.

We can also provide additional document services in Washington, DC. These could be notarization of your originals, consular legalization at any other foreign embassy/consulate in Washington, DC. Please check out this link for our U.S. Department of State apostille or authentication services.

Please contact us to start using these services. Please provide detailed information about your documents. After agreeing on the scope of our services and receiving payment, we will email you the exact instructions and templates.

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