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Powers of Attorney For Use in Kazakhstan and Republics of Former USSR

Kazakh Service Center can draft bilingual international Powers of Attorney for use in KazakhstanThe lawyers and notary publics working for Kazakh Service Center in the USA, Canada and Kazakhstan can assist you with preparation of a bilingual (Russian-English, Kazakh-English, Russian-French or Kazakh-French) Power of Attorney that will be accepted in Kazakhstan. We have many templates available for every unique situation, and in most cases we are charging $35 - 50 US$ per document depending complexity of legal action to be performed.

Please contact us for confirmation of that quote and order placement. Our approximate service timing ranges from 30 minutes to several hours depending complexity of legal action to be performed.

After making payment and submitting required key information, we will email you the text of the Power of Attorney and exact instructions on what needs to be done after (step by step instructions about proper notarization and apostille at the relevant US authorities at the relevant State). 

For  US citizens or Kazakh citizens or any other citizens it is not necessary to have a flight to Washington DC or NY, book appointment with Kazakh Consul at the Embassy or Consulate of Kazkahstan for notarization your power of attorney, as everything can be done via relevant US authorities inside your state. 

We guarantee that our internationally recognized power of attorney will be accepted in Kazakhstan or other countries of former USSR without any problems!  



Kazakh Service Centre has VA and DC notary public in its staff, so if you live in Washington DC area, and if you need a notary service, please conatc us +1-202-286-8296. Urgent and night service is available.



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