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Letters of Invitation (LOI) with Visa Support

Kazakh Service Center can arrange Kazakhstan letters of invitation

Kazakh Service Centre can arrange Letters of Invitation (LOI) with visa support telex # for the following types of visas to Kazakhstan:
  • Single-Entry Tourist and Business Visas mostly for the citizens of all countries (China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt etc… etc…)
  • Multiple-Entry Tourist  
  • Multiple-Entry Business Visas B2 and B3 (for duration up to 6 months or 1 year)
  • E-VISA ( tourism and business).
Please contact us, we will provide you the rates, timing and list of the documents relevant to your citizenship and purpose of travel.
Tel.: +1 888-800-9339
We will reply you within 24 hours after we get your request. In general the average timing of issuance of LOIs is 2-4 weeks and depends on citizenship of the traveler.

Please note Kazakh Service Centre® is taking human traffic and illegal immigration issues very seriously. We do not support this and encourage the travelers to be alert and do not believe your local visa agents about lucrative labor market in Kazakhstan.

You have to have work permit and work visa to be allowed to work in Kazakhstan. This is long and complicated process that has to be done while you are outside of the country!

You cannot work and get paid under the tourist or business visas!

You cannot convert your tourist or business visas into work visa while you are inside the country!

Please do not be victim of the scammers who promise you the job! You will be deceived and lose a lot of money!

Kazakh National Security Committee reserves the right to refuse issuance of LOI (letter of invitation). In this case National Security Committee provides us only verbal notifications. We cannot control the desisions of Kazkahstan autorities!  These fees are non refundable!
Rates and issuance timing for the letter of invitation are different and depend on the citizenship. Please contact us to obtain the proper quote and timing!
To speed up the process, please fill out the relevant Application form 1 and form 2 and email us them along with copy of your current passport.

All travelers have to be registered in the Migration Police within 5 days after arrival. This rule is applied if he stays in country more than 5 days. Please take this nuance very seriously! If traveler will not be registered, the border officer will penalize him when traveler exits the country. The fine is around $1000 US per person, and also traveler could lose the privilege of enter the country for next 5 years. 

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