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Kazakhstan Work Permits General Information

Kazakh Service Center provides Kazakhstan work visa services in Washington, DCA widespread misconception when filling out applications and cover letters is that applicants interchangeably use "work" and "business" when indicating their reason for travel. The main difference with business visas is the inherent long-term nature of the travel(s) and the work permit requirement below. Hence, work visas are for people who:

  • have Kazakhstan Work Permit issued to workers or to their employers (licence-like permit issued by Ministry of Labor and Social Protection's regional office based on annual quotas for various job categories and employers);
  • or are in the process for applying for Work Permit (C3 Visa);
  • are transferred into or employed in long-term residential or rotational assignments in Kazakhstan;
  • whose job titles are formally in local company organizational charts;
  • whose salaries and taxes are paid in Kazakhstan.

There are certain exceptions that may obvitate the need to apply for Kazakhstan Work Permit. E.g., these may be as follows:

  • business immigrants (certain investor qualifications may apply);
  • senior management of branch and representative offices in Kazakhstan and major investor companies;
  • volunteers in educational, health protection or social assistance projects;
  • foreign academic staff employed for certain government-approved educational projects (please see above 2 Universities);
  • certain categories of employees and consultants in financial, environmental or pharmaceutical sectors.

Generally, it is a good idea to apply for certain key documents in advance as this could speed up your hiring process. Authentication and apostille as well as actual work permit approval process takes time. To apply for work permit, you will need the following documents:

  • Educational credentials.
  • Medical fitness certificates.
  • Police Certificates.

From our side we can help you to apostille or legalize these documents. Please contact us to get a rate and requirements.

Work Permits issued to workers contain passport number, employer information and job title. When you get your Work Permit, please make sure your name appears exactly as in your passport. Otherwise, when letter of invitation (LOI) is prepared, some potential approval problems may surface. Also, when passport number or employment information changes (i.e., employee is transferred into a different position within the same company), employer should update his/her work permit accordingly. If foreign worker with Work Permit leaves the company completely, he/she must surrender Work Permit and depart from Kazakhstan as his employer will most likely require this immediately. Employers can contact the Kazakhstan authorities to invalidate the work visa in the system. It might be possible to switch companies without leaving Kazakhstan and going through the above hassle but that would require support from both your old and new employers.

If you are still confused what type of visa is applicable in your case, please contact us.

If you already have WORK PERMIT (WP) and LETTER OF INVITATION (LOI) from your employer you are illegible to obtain the actual work visa from the Embassy of Kazakhstan. 

Please note that, due to changing and toughening of Kazakhstan visa legislation, we no longer provide rush visa services to all clients. We only provide regular visa services (5-6 business days). Nonetheless, for certain corporate or our long-time clients, certain exceptions can be made, and rush service could still be provided after preliminary approval from consul. Please contact us for additional details.
To assist you with our Kazakhstan multiple-entry work visa services please read the requirements from the appropriate Kazakhstan WORK Visas page.

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