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U.S. Department of State (USDOS) Apostille or Authentication

Kazakh Service Center provides apostille and authentication services at US Department of State and consular legalization at foreign embassies/consulates in Washington, DCPlease read introductory background information on general document requirements in accordance with the Convention of 5 October 1961 "Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents", hereinafter the "Hague Apostille Convention".

To put it in simple terms, you only need USDOS services in the following instances:

  • Apostille is needed for U.S. Federal-issued documents.
  • Authentication is needed for consular legalization of foreign-issued document (neither U.S. nor Kazakhstan) at Embassy of Kazakhstan in Washington, DC or any other foreign embassy/consulate.

You can mail your documents to USDOS yourself for authentication or apostille but you may want to use Kazakh Service Center for the following reasons:

USDOS Apostille and Authentication Services by Kazakh Service Center
Argument Justification to Use Our Services
USDOS states average processing time of 3 business days for mail-in. Actual processing times may be longer. Also, USDOS agents can return documents without processing in various cases - e.g., when there is any mistake in application or confusion on the part of documents or stamps, etc. Kazakh Service Center may apostille or authenticate documents faster (2-3 business days guaranteed). If necessary, we will talk to the USDOS and try to clear any issues before they reject certification. Sometimes, prior certifications are needed so we will achieve those first and come back to the USDOS.
You may not have the time to wait for USDOS customer service representative to find the status of your documents You can always reach us by phone or email 24/7 to find the status of your documents.
You may need subsequent legalization at an embassy/consulate in Washington, DC and do not want to waste critical time for waiting for shipment from USDOS back to you in order to send it back again to Washington, DC. USDOS may not be able to follow your instructions to send it to the destination of your choice. Kazakh Service Center's agents personally hand-deliver documents to USDOS, then either wait for processing or return at an agreed time. We then personally deliver the documents to the embassy/consulate so at any point in time we know where your documents are and have a submission receipt. Chances of document loss are minimized.
USDOS may reject your documents for any reason (e.g., incorrect or incomplete information), and you may waste time and money trying to resend back to USDOS your returned documents. Kazakh Service Center knows their requirements well, and prior submission goes over the documents to ensure smooth process.
Even though it costs 8$ per document to certify the document at USDOS directly, you do not mind spending additional money for an efficient third-party service. Our flexible pricing scheme and payment methods provide a great value for your money.
You don't have time to fill out all the forms required by USDOS. Kazakh Service Center can quickly fill out all the forms on your behalf.

How to Use Our USDOS Apostille or Authentication Services

Kazakh Service Center can assist you with document apostille or authentication at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC.

Our fee for apostille or authentication at USDOS is 100 US$ (for 1-15 documents) and 100 US$ (for 16-31 documents) with service timing of 4 business days (guaranteed). Please note that our fees do not include the 8 US$ fee per document charged by the US Department of State.

Please contact us to start using this service. Please provide detailed information about your documents. After agreeing on the scope of our services and receiving payment, we will email you the exact instructions and templates.

For more information, we can also recommend our partner's site Canada Legalization Services.

Additional Services in Washington, DC

Kazakh Service Center can provide additional document services in Washington, DC. These could be notarization of your originals, consular legalization at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the USA or at any other foreign embassy/consulate in Washington, DC. Please check out this link for our consular legalization services.

If you require our assistance in confirming that your documents are ready to be processed or you have further questions about your documents or our services, please call us or send us an e-mail immediately.

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